Campaigners continue fight over Lambeth housing evictions with planned protest during council event

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PROTEST: The group are unhappy at evictions

By Aicha Zaa

Frustrated protestors are campaigning outside The Old Library in Clapham this week to show their anger against the council's rehousing policy.

Lambeth Save our Services, a group opposing cuts in jobs and services, are planning to protest outside the building this Thursday evening, as Council Leaders Question Time is being held inside.

Lambeth Council are undergoing a policy to evict residents from housing cooperations and placing them onto the social housing list.

Julian Hall, from Lambeth United Housing Co-operative, is supporting the protest against stopping housing cooperation evictions full stop.


“We want to raise awareness of this issue that is affecting the community. Clapham town council have always said that they would support the housing co-op, and now they have decided to change their mind. The Lambeth council leader has ignored previous pleas to erase the eviction,” he said.

Visit the Lambeth United website:

Photo courtsey of Squash Campaign, with thanks.

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